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“Greatness is not where we stand but what direction we are moving in, sometimes we sail with the wind sometimes against it, but sail we must.”


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As a professional, nonpolitical, equal opportunity organization which promotes excellence in healthcare, research, education, and humanitarian activities, our Vision is to further the mission of Alliance by increasing the networking opportunities among members, foster education of latest scientific development and education in the field of medicine and delivery of better healthcare.

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Alliance has extraordinary potential to be an effective philanthropic organization. In our endeavour to bring about a positive change around us, a team effort is required. The benefit to humanity ought to be at the root and facade of the Alliance’s mission. The alliance must explore the priceless human and financial resources of the Alliance membership and equip it to carry out its mission. Alliance’s effectiveness in furthering its agenda would require establishing Alliance chapters nationwide. Efforts to uplift our communities shall be a truly rewarding experience, enhancing the image of the Alliance and earning a new level of respect.

Aisha Zafar M.D

President 2022

The Alliance Organization

President’s Message

Dear The Alliance Organization Members and Friends,  

My name is Aisha Zafar, and I am the new President of The Alliance Organization for 2022. 

On January 12, 2022, The Alliance Organization held its first Board meeting of the year, and a decision was made for me to be the President. While I am very humbled to be entrusted with such responsibility, I, on the other hand, do not and will not take this responsibility lightly.   

One of the reasons that made me want to work with the Alliance organization is how much they were able to accomplish in the span of a year and the fact that there is zero overhead 100% of the donations collected go to the charitable organizations selected.  

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