Aisha Zafar M.D

Alliance Official President 2022

President’s Message

Assalaamu Alaikum, 

Dear The Alliance Organization Members and Friends,  

My name is Aisha Zafar, and I am the new President of The Alliance Organization for 2022. 

On January 12, 2022, The Alliance Organization held its first Board meeting of the year, and a decision was made for me to be the President. While I am very humbled to be entrusted with such responsibility, I, on the other hand, do not and will not take this responsibility lightly.   

One of the reasons that made me want to work with the Alliance organization is how much they were able to accomplish in the span of a year and the fact that there is zero overhead 100% of the donations collected go to the charitable organizations selected.  

Below are some of the projects The Alliance organization did in the year 2021:  

Provided scholarships to students in the U.S. and Pakistan   

* Built over 200 water pumps in Pakistan    

* Fed the hungry in the U.S. and Pakistan   

* Supported Black Village Foundation, advocating for the Black Lives Matter cause!  

* Built a community center for the underprivileged people of Hafizabad, Punjab   

* Made a vocational center with Sunbeams school in Islamabad   

* Supported various nonprofits are working with children and adults of special needs backgrounds – Markaz-e-Umeed, MUHSEN (Muslims Understanding and Helping Special Education Needs), and Aziz Jehan Begum Trust for the Blind; raised over $70K! 

* Hosted monthly webinars to raise awareness and find solutions to different issues and concerns of the community   

* The Alliance Organization became a registered 501(c)(3)  

What else have they done? 

They hosted three in-person events.  

1. First-ever EID MILAN! 

2. A fundraiser for MUHSEN raised over $40K   

3. Aziz Jehan Begum Trust for the Blind raised over $70K!  

4. Raised 1,034,232.703 Rs. for Markaz-e-Umeed (Karachi, Pakistan)   

5. First-ever calligraphy workshop with world-renowned calligrapher Bin Qulander   

6. First-ever screening of the short film documentary” OUT SWING.”   

7. Gift of sight, by donating multiple corneas to (Zafar & Mir Foundation)   

8. Toy/winter clothes drive for the refugees  

Over the year, The Alliance Organization has been working with many charities to bring much-needed awareness and relief to many of our citizens both here in the USA and abroad, specifically Pakistan. Alliance presented two EMT scholarships to the Black Village Foundation honoring Breonna Taylor. Sponsored Over 40 children at Sunbeam School in Pakistan and provided school uniforms for underprivileged children.   

Alliance has provided over 200 hand pumps in remote areas of Pakistan in Punjab & Thar. It has also offered donations and rations during the pandemic to Khana Ghar & other similar charities, which provide thousands of meals a day. On Eid al, Adha Alliance donated nine cows for Qurbani. 

Alliance’s flagship project No Fun Being Ordinary (NFBO) has raised funds for Hunarmand, which provides apprenticeship to physically challenged youth, a project of Markaz e Umeed, which the First Lady of Pakistan also supports, Begum Samina Alvi, MUHSEN (Muslims Understanding and Helping Special Education Needs) and now Alliance’s mission is to raise funds and awareness for Aziz Jehan Begum Trust & institute for the Blind. 


What is next for The Alliance Organization?  

Our goal is to make Alliance the #1 charity organization that supports special needs children. This can be done!  

* To make sure that we are reaching this goal and constantly building as an organization, I am suggesting a few following steps items to which my team suggested   

* Our organization needs a strategic plan and develop a calendar of activities for 2022, so everyone can focus and plan more effectively   

* The alliance should have a good blend of U.S.-based projects and Pakistan-based projects. While we love our country Pakistan, let us not forget that we live in the U.S., and it is equally essential for us to focus our attention on our communities   

* We will conduct various food drives, community outreach, and support that Alliance provided in 2021 as part of U.S. based activities; we plan to work with the Chicago based Black Village Foundation to continue supporting the Black Lives Matter cause   

* We are planning to have 2-3 fundraisers for the year 2022.   

* We will also continue having monthly Seminars as these have been beneficial to the community   

Lastly, the Board agreed on the importance of raising a more significant amount of funds and focusing on a long-term strategy in helping others. We will need all hands on deck to accomplish this insha’Allah! 

I will end with this; please let me know if you are interested in joining our team and helping us serve those individuals who need our love and support. 

I wish you and your family a blessed 2022.  

May God grant you all the best in this world insha’Allah Ameen. 



Aisha Zafar M.D.  

President 2022   

The Alliance Organization