Anila Shahazad

Alliance Official President Elect 2021

As-salamu alaykum,

My name is Anila Shahzad and I am honored to serve the position of President-Elect of APPNA Alliance 2021. I plan to expand the goals of the Alliance as well as create new ideas that reflect the sentiments of our esteemed members. Success can only be achieved through collective work. In less than a month into the New Year our beloved organization has been a part of many new projects and webinars: fundraising for the Breonna Taylor Grant, Leadership in serving humanitarian events webinar, Covid-19 vaccine awareness webinar, and the food pantry for the homeless in Pakistan. We are proud to also continue with The No Fun Being Ordinary project to not only provide a more inclusive environment in the APPNA community but to also fundraise to help schools in Pakistan whose mission is to provide good education to children. As a member of this year’s executive committee, I look forward to working with our Alliance president, Nazia Imtiaz Hussain, and as well as our other elected officers. 

Looking forward to a great & productive year.

Thank you very much.